Sunday, 4 December 2011

Candy Yum Yum & Polkadots 3/12/11

Hello everyone, its been a couple of weeks since my last post - I've been busy with the Corporate Games and studying (and shopping :S). Good news is that the games are over - phew, can't believe I made it.  While I tried to minimize my "game time", I still managed to take an elbow to the stomach, got a couple of scratches and had a skinny American girl lift me off the ground while I held onto the ball with dear life. I also fell into a bit of a coma for the rest of that weekend because it really took it out of me. Must. Improve. Fitness.

I've also watched Breaking Dawn: Part 1 a couple of times *embarassed face*, I really just found it soooo entertaining! It was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing - I think its my favourite of the Twilight movies! I also saw Drive at the boyfriend's insistence and I have to say it was an excellent choice. The tension, the soundtrack, Ryan Gosling still lookin' hot hot hot and the ambiguous non-hollywood ending... ah. It was excellent. 

And today I have to study again.

Alannah Hill "Death Doll" blouse and "Dress me up!" skirt, Alannah Hill knee highs, Miu Miu bag, Miu Miu shoes
Rings: Swarovski, Chanel & Gucci
MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pretty in Pink! 12/11/11

Another lovely Melbourne weekend which completely puts me off studying! Its at times like these when I really regret picking up those books again. But such is life - even after you work full time, you have to continue to study to keep up with the knowledge. I guess I better get used to it, because chances are - I will be studying course after course for the rest of my working life... (that is, unless I decide to join Broadway...)

My awesome friend Z, who I met while volunteering at the local community legal service centre and who I now work with, left our organisation yesterday. He would almost be the guy version of me. Or I tell people that he is like the younger brother I never had. I think I was the saddest out of everyone because he is my best friend at work and has quickly become one of my closest friends in my circle. He will travel for a couple of months and then then he will move to Canberra to start a grad position. Oh, I will miss him so. I think he will miss me too. hehe.

Wheels & Dollbaby "LA Pin up floral" cardi, Cassette Society singlet, Alannah Hill "She's so cute" skirt
Louis Vuitton epi leather bucket bag
Salvatore Ferragamo shoes

I really love this skirt - its so pretty and so pink! But I also realised that I don't have much in my wardobe that matches it! I don't wear a lot of white and certainly don't have too many pink tops (surprisingly, considering how girly I am!). While rummaging through my wardrobe and multiple roller racks - I realised this W&D cardi is perfect for it! It even has a matching floral print! I think in the Winter, I will button up the cardigan fully and tuck it into the skirt, along with some cute knee - highs! (I don't like the Summer, hence I am already looking forward to the next Winter!)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Singapore Fling! 6/11/11

I love this Wheels & Dollbaby dress - not only is it comfortable to wear, but the name is adorable! I don't have any Singapore flings to speak of, but the name simply reminds me of warm, sunny days and walking by the Arno river with a big floppy hat and a gelato in hand. Ah... My next holiday is not until March 2012 when we will be going to Bangkok for my bestie's hens' week! Yay to that!

Wheels & Dollbaby "Singapore Fling" dress, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Versace glasses
Nars "Schiap"
This photo was taken at the Victoria Barracks. I had just picked up the bf from work yesterday and was driving down St Kilda road when I told him to stop somewhere for a picture. And this garden looked very pretty. I usually avoid any gardens like the plague when its Spring time. For those who are hay fever sufferers, you know what I mean. Telfast every day for at least a month and a half. Ick.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Red lippy wtih Red cherries 29/10/11

On the advice of both my best friend and my dear friend Bug from Bug's Beauty Blog, I have finally decided to get over my shyness and show my face properly on my blog! Goodbye to anonymity! I'm definitely not a shy person IRL, but I had some reservations about having my face all over the internet. When I explained to my friends about my reservations, they simply responded "Who are you kidding? Everyone recognises you anyway!" haha. So here I am... pasty face and all.

Instead of participating in the races, this year we've decided to have high tea at The Windsor! Suits us ladies a whole lot more since we don't drink and don't bet on horses. High tea was delicious - unfortunately my hungry tummy prevailed and I forgot to take photos of the food that I ate.

Alannah Hill "Alannah Loves You" dress, Corky St Clair necklace, Miu Miu satin pumps, Miu Miu Bag
MAC "Lady Danger" matte lipstick (to go with the cherries!)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

23/10/11 Dress me Up!

Helloooo... I spent the last couple of days in Sydney with my cousin to celebrate my belated birthday (back in August) and to dine at Tetsuya. We also shop shop shopped till we literally dropped and its safe to say that I won't be shopping for a little while - eeek.

Today I'm wearing some of my Sydney purchases - I'm glad I've returned to lovely weather in Melbourne as I heard it was crappy the last few days! I have had my eyes on this skirt the moment I saw the Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook and have been waiting patiently for it to come out. Its finally mine! Yay! I really wanted the Dita cardigan in red but they've unfortunately sold out! I don't mind the black though - it goes with everything!

Wheels & Dollbaby Dita cardigan, Alannah Hill "Dress me up" skirt, H&M socks,
Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bucket Bag, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes,
Nars "Schiap!" lippy

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pinks and Purples with some Sparkle 16/10/11

Alannah Hill "Fibbing all Day" cardigan and "Bring me flowers" skirt, Miu Miu shoes
I am in love with this skirt! And the warm weather is totally perfect for these colours! It also comes in a dress version, but I prefer to mix and match.  The cardigan is an old favourite - I have about 4 cardigans that are  in a similar style (but in different colours and different details on each). Yes, I have too many cardigans. And skirts. eeeek.

These Miu Mius may look like plain satin slippers from the front, but hide some fabulous sparkles at the heel!
In other news, my basketball training is coming along. However, since my body is not used to this type of fitness, I seem to be injuring myself left right and centre! Must stretch more. And warm up and warm down. *sigh*