Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Thanh Tam (part 2)

So S and I went to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond, Thanh Tam (which I did an earlier post on). The restaurant was incredibly busy, but still didn't excuse the appalling service we got from the male waiter! Usually in restaurants like these, we don't expect much in terms of service - after all, you're paying $10 for awesome mains. But we hadn't even finished ordering and he was already walking off to another table. I ordered a Diet Coke and he put down a Coke. I was having none of it and simply just said "I said Diet Coke" in a stern, teacher-like voice. He responded back with a click of the tongue!

He then brought us bean shoots when I asked for lettuce and Vietnamese mint. I had to clarify it three times and point to someone's table to show him what I was asking for! It was at that moment that I felt like I was becoming my mother. In a situation like this, you simply had to step up and show the waiter who's the boss!

Today we ordered:

Rice Paper rolls with shredded pork (which I've covered in my previous post)
Roasted Quail
Fine rice vermicelli with beef wrapped in betel leaf
Dropped rice noodle soup with crab meat

Roasted Quail $7

S and I split the quail in half and it was delicious! The meat was tender, the skin was soooooooo flavoursome and we simply dug in with our fingers and started picking up bits of vegies and shovelling them into our mouths! Will definitely be ordering this again!

Fine rice vermicelli with beef wrapped in betel leaf $13

Definitely tastes MUCH MUCH better than it looks! The beef is marinated in a very distinctive sauce, but it's a very tasty sauce. You basically wrap the fine rice vermicelli, with a piece of cucumber, some carrot and radish, Vietnamese mint, then pop one of these babies in and roll up. Dip it in the fish sauce provided and wait for your mouth to have a party with all the flavours!

An individual piece so you can take a closer look! Looks... appetizing, doesn't it? Trust me on this!

Dropped rice noodle soup with crab meat $10

The soup in this dish has a thicker consistency than a regular soup, but it's delicious. The crab meat is shredded, so you almost forget that it's in the soup. There's also some prawns and mushrooms in the soup, but that's pretty much it. To be honest, it doesn't need much more than that. The dropped rice noodle has a very similar texture to udon, but it's more delicate and rounded. If you're in a noodle soup mood, do give this a shot!

Overall, despite the terrible service today, I can't help but keep going back because the food is so yummy. S and I didn't let the service bother us too much as we were there for the food, not for the experience. Today's food was even better than last time! And I also won't hold a grudge against the entire restaurant when it's only the one male waiter who's got a bit of attitude and clearly needs bossy me to come out and tell him where to go!

If you do visit Thanh Tam and happen to be subjected to this guy's terrible service, I would say an assertive manner is the best way to approach him! Yeah!

Outfit of the Day 28/12

Yesterday, I met up with my forever quirky and very-well-put-together friend, S for lunch and some bargain hunting. I wanted to go to Smith street (in Collingwood) to grab some Nike gym tights then remembered that there used to be a designer boutique in the area called Nina Baird. I've never been to it, but heard that the owner would go to the designer outlets in Europe to buy up, then sell the goods in Australia with a little bit of a mark-up. Excited, we decided to do a quick google on my Blackberry and headed off to the store.

The store was closed, but there was an intercom next to the door. So we parked in front, got out of the car and pressed the buzzer on the intercom. A man picked up, only to let me know that Nina Baird was closed - FOREVER. Sigh. I hadn't even spent any money there yet! Looks like Nina Baird didn't make it through the GFC.

Not to worry, across the road was a cute op shop called "Lost and Found Market" which basically had two, three levels of "vintage" items. The majority of the items looked like it came from the 80s and early 90s - but S and I are no vintage experts although a lot of things seemed familiar (things from our childhood, in the 90s). We didn't buy anything as we only had about 10 minutes to browse, but promised that we'd definitely make another visit. And soon.

I wore:

Oxford double breasted wool blazer
The Beta State singlet (from General Pants)
Forever New silk mini
Vintage Belt
Voodoo opaques
Barkins studded ballet flats
YSL patent chain bag (from Florence)
Versace tortoise-shell framed glasses
Swarovski ring (Christmas present from the bf!)

This Oxford blazer is a boxing day purchase as Oxford was having 50% off and I've actually been eyeing this one for a few months. I like how it's oversized, it's double breasted, the fact that it's not black (I must have a zillion black blazers) and the navy lining that peeps out when I roll up the sleeves. It also feels really nice. I really like the finish.

Oh and my hair looks curly cos I had a haircut at my uncle's salon and they decided to curl my hair! First time I've ever had wavy hair!

This is my absolute favourrrrrrittteeee purchase out of all my bags. But then again, most of my designer bags have been gifts from my sister - not actually purchased by me!

I bought this YSL bag in the outlet in Florence and it was the best find of the trip! I love it because of the chain strap, the patent leather, the small size and it only costed me about 140 Euros!!!! Super bargain! AND, it was the last one left, hehe!

I love that it's subtle and doesn't immediately scream designer. But there are a couple of cute YSLs engraved on the strap.

I don't know why I keep getting Swarovski jewellery from the bf. It's not something I specifically ask for. But for some reason, everytime I go to pick my presents, I always end up with something from Swarovski! I love that the gem is big and it's bling. And I love squares. I also love picking my out my own presents! :)

What S wore:

Top from Chatuchak Market in Thailand
Shorts from Big W (with buttons added by S)
Patent leather sandals from Windsor Smith
Drawstring bag from South Korea
Old-school Casio watch

These shorts are sooo cute! They are from the netball skirts section of Big W. S's mother provided her with the buttons which she then added to the shorts to give them a bit of a nautical touch! I love how just 4 little buttons can change the style of the shorts!

This bag is very cute! S said that South Korea is a very underrated country - it is so much fun and the food is yummy and the clothes are cheap!

I love this old-school Casio watch! Only S can pull off such an ecletic mix of clothes and accessories!

These Windsor Smith sandals are seriously "the bomb". Upon seeking S's approval to score myself a pair too, I proceeded to the nearest Windsor Smith store in Chadstone and picked up a pair! I love them because they are patent, they're comfy and somehow, they're just cool! Love these shoes with her red toe polish!

I am also seriously thinking about getting a pair in red. At 40% off... why not???

It was S that inspired me to start taking outfit pictures of my friends and you now all see why!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Outifts

So I actually wore two outfits on Christmas day, but didn't get to take pictures of the second outfit because I'd gotten so full from eating at the bestie's. I ended up borrowing some pyjama pants for the rest of the evening while we played "Taboo" and watched DVDs. The girls won, of course - but the boys didn't make it too easy!

For my first outfit I wore:

Alannah Hill "Somebody Spot me!" skirt
Mazi camisole
Friends of Couture heart cardigan
Bow print stockings from Forever New
Burberry patent pumps
Alannah Hill "My Wayward girl" headband in Red
Swarovski scotty dog necklace

I have been eye-ing this skirt at Alannah Hill for a few weeks now. In my head, I was thinking about all the different outfits I could put together with this pretty skirt! I love the bows on each side of the pockets and the skirt is made from silk.

The bf was supposed to get this skirt for me for Christmas, but the night that I wanted to get it, there were no sizes and the only skirt left was slightly faulty.

In the end, I waited another two weeks and voila! It's on sale now! Yay!

This is another present from the bf!

I love this headband! I have it in red and black. I love the big gems. Only annoying thing is, the headband tends to slide off quite easily because I have straight hair! Will need to place some strategic bobby pins to keep it on!

Here's a better picture of my Burberry pumps!

I like how the bows on these stockings are quite subtle and you don't really see them until you get up close. Only problem is, they don't last for too many wears!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will also start doing outfit posts for my awesome friends. Although we all have different bodies and different tastes, we still manage to inspire each other to try out new things!

The bestie wore:

Stella by Stella McCartney dress
Salvatore Ferragamo peeptoes

I love the little keyhole cut-out on this dress. It's flirty, but the length of the dress keeps the whole dress "sweet". I'm also always a big fan of the red and black colour combo!

I am yet to own my first pair of Ferragamos! These are my bestie's first pair and she says they're very comfortable! Well, I hope so! Mr Ferragamo is known for having comfortable shoes! A pair of Ferragamos are on the top of my Euro-shopping list!

I love these. They are peeptoe, they are classy and they are CLASSIC Ferragamo. Loves.

Not long after these pictures, we were in our pyjamas! :)

Christmas Day!!!

I've been so busy with Christmas and Boxing Day sales and just making the most of my time off, that I haven't had time to update any outfits or any food for that matter!

In case I haven't confirmed, I AM GOING TO EUROPE AGAIN!!!!!!!

Tickets have been paid for and now the best part of the process - the planning of the itinerary! I LOVE doing this part! Oh, and making packing lists and writing up shopping lists. Yep, seriously.

But back to more important things... it was CHRISTMAS on the weekend! Christmas is always a time to look forward to as I've spent almost every single Christmas since I was 14, with my bestie and her family! My family doesn't celebrate it, but it's okay... because the C family totally, absolutely, makes up for my family's lack of celebration!!!

There was soooo much food, but not enough time to take pictures. By the time the bf and I got there, everyone had had lunch, so it was up to us to DIG in!!!! I brought a couple of cakes - the Raspberry White Chocolate cheesecake and Triple Choc Mousse cake both from David Jones. We never even got around to digging into the Chock mousse cake. Sadness.

hmmmm.... yummy... the raspberry cheesecake was sweet and sour at the same time, it tasted of berries and white chocolate and it was just beautiful. Everyone was already full, but it didn't stop everyone from giving it a shot!

I did end up eating some of the Triple Choc Mousse cake myself... it too, was yummy. Luckily, one of the layers was a white choc mousse layer so it wasn't overly rich!

Our friend bugaboo also made some home-made choc brownies... delicioso!!!

Even the bf who doesn't like brownies said he'd pay for these!

Merry (belated) Christmas Everyone!!!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Outfit of the Day

Only half a day of work today, but I ended up rushing to the shops at the last minute anyway to finish up buying Christmas presents and Christmas cakes! Gosh, it's been such an exhausting week - I can't actually wait for all the festivities to be over. But then again, it'd be a new year, and I'm not a fan of getting older. But I'm also going to Europe again! Argh... it's a paradox.

Today I wore,

Ruby Rose for Milk and Honey Singlet
Cue Blazer
MinkPink denim mini
Vintage belt
Alannah Hill stockings
Vintage Prada platform ankle boots
Necklace from Vatican Library Collection

This blazer is a recent purchase - I love the wet-look, patent, shininess of it. When you touch it, it feels really nice as well! I like to roll the sleeves of my blazers up to give it a more casual look. If I were going out in the evening, I'd probably leave the sleeves down.

I really like the Milk & Honey singlet... I think the tiger is cool and it's also printed with some felt-like fabric. Love the texture!! Today is all about texture!

Ah... my trusty thrifted belt! Goes with everything! Even though that washed-out denim is no longer in, I don't care. It's ALWAYS in, with me!

Okay, to be honest, I think every single pair of my Alannah Hill stockings are my favourite. I guess, technically, I don't play favourites! But these are special because of the garter belt effect. I love them! Only problem is that they're a bit thin! Soooooo easy to poke holes through them. I think these are my 3rd pair! :(

Sigh... every time I wear these boots, I have wonderful memories of Florence and my favourite vintage store, owned by a beautiful Italian couple which I cannot remember the name of, for the life of me. The couple had photos of themselves hung all over the store, but they were so picture-perfect, you almost thought the pictures were from magazines or photo frame fillers! I actually initially went into the store to pick up a pair of Miu Miu platforms, but they accidentally sold them to someone else! I was sooooooo devastated... but that I was until I spotted these! The couple were so eager to please (after seeing me slump my shoulders soo low and on the brink of a bitch fit), that they only charged me 80 Euros for them! 80 Euros for vintage Prada?!?!?!?!?!?!? HELL YEAH!

I have already planned the "Florence" part of my upcoming Euro-trip and although I cannot remember the names of the stores that I went into, I am confident my memory will guide me back to the locations! Woo! Probably time to do a wishlist...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Outfit of the Day

Blah I have been so busy that I have not been able to post as much as I would have liked to! Which is a real shame, because there were some work outfits this week that were actually worth posting! I have a friend S, who loves clothes just as much as I do, and I've decided that in the future, I would also love to feature her and all my other lovely friends' outfits! (If they allow me!)

Anyway, this week has been all about Christmas. But despite multiple shopping trips, I still have not quite finished my Christmas shopping! I stayed up till about 1am last night writing 40 or so Christmas cards for my colleagues and friends - luckily the bf was available to help me envelope them and seal the envelopes with cute little Asian stickers! Definitely points for that!

So we had our work Christmas party today... it was sooooo awesome!!! We had trivia and our table came equal second with another, and so we had to decide with a tie-breaker question. We sent off a relatively unknown colleague called Matt to do the "Who am I" and he got it on the 2nd hint!!!! We were sooooo rowdy, it felt like we came first!!! hahaha. Even the table that actually came first was nowhere near as loud as we were!

We also took some hilarious photos in the photo booth provided which I will also upload very soon!

Today I wore:

Blue juice dress with exposed zip at the front
Vintage leather and fox fur jacket from the Salvos (my latest op-shop find!!!)
Alannah Hill stockings
Witchery patent wedges
Swarovski ring
A ring gifted by a family friend in Paris

Blue Juice Dress

I bought this dress about a year ago - I'm a fan of the halter style and I really like the feature of the exposed zip! I also like the bottom of the skirt as well, it's basically 3 layers of mesh-like fabric which gives it a little puff! Woo!

Vintage Leather jacket

Fresh from the dry cleaner's, this was the awesome find that I blogged about a couple of weekends ago! I woke up today, saw that the sky was a bit gloomy and said "That's it!!! I have to wear my jacket!!!"
It was a perfect fit, and I felt warm and fabulous in it! Like I'm about to fly a plane, go hunting for deer or hang out with the Burberry models! I know it's not the same as the Burberry Shearing Jacket (which I've wanted the moment I laid eyes on it and have been searching for a cheaper version since), but good enough for me!!! I think I have to say that this is the bargain of the year!

Alannah Hill stockings

Another pair of my favourite stockings - they are great for winter because they are opague, and they are also great value for money because opague stockings are less likely to get holes in them after a few wears. I love the pattern around the thighs... it's almost like having a garter pattern on your stockings but with sweet little flowers!

The Swarovski ring was purchased in Innsbruck, Austria - where Swarovski originated from. There's a Swarovski museum in the store too and you simply can't take your eyes off all the sparkly crystals. Swarovski in Europe is a bit cheaper than AUS prices, but would be better value if you bought enough to get the VAT back. The collection over there is also similar to what we get here, except for a few pieces here and there in each collection. This ring cost me about 40 Euros, so it was definitely a great price! I also haven't seen it stocked in the Australian stores! :)

This ring was a gift from a family friend in Paris who worked for a jewellery company that made rings for Dior and Louis Vuitton. At least, that's what I think she said from my limited understanding of French and her limited English vocabulary! I'm not sure if the ring is from any particular collection of any particular brand, or whether it's a sample or not, but I love it nonetheless! It's very unique!

My nail polish consists of two layers - the bottom layer is Limited Edition Dior 928 Love and the top layer of glitter is Anna Sui 203. Both are gifts from my sister and cousin. I hardly have to buy any nail polish! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new jacket!!! :)

Monday, 20 December 2010


Migo's is my absolute FAVOURITE lunch haunt of all time! Located on Flinders Lane between Degraves street and Elizabeth street, it's a little hole in the wall that is easily missable. But... if you're sharp enough to see the little blackboard menu on the street, then you will notice that it serves DELICIOUS Italian food, for even more delicious prices. When our office used to be in the CBD, I would hang out at Migo's AT LEAST once, if not, twice a week. These days, it takes a lot of effort to get here, but I still manage to make a weekly or fortnightly trip to Migo's for its insanely awesome "Seafood Pasta to Die For". And yes... it is what it's name says... it is to fucking die for!

Today, we popped in for a mini birthday celebration for our workmate M's birthday.

We ordered:
Seafood Pasta to die for (mild)
Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach
Spaghetti meatballs
Moroccan lamb tagine

Seafood Pasta to die for

The weather in Melbourne the last 48 hours has been absolutely crappy. But crappy weather always calls for warm, tummy warming seafood pasta. Hmmm...

Ever since our organisation moved over to the Docklands, Migo's isn't what it used to be anymore. Back in the day, getting a table was quite difficult to come by unless you came at 11:55 or 12:55. Ever since our move, each time I've come to see Migo, the place has been eerily quiet. We were confused. This place is legendary. It must be because it is a little hole in the wall and people hardly notice it.

Now every week, when I go to Migo's, I beg him to come to Docklands and set up shop right under our building. "I can guarantee you good business!" I say. And he nods, but is probably just being polite. Sigh.

Today, Migo's got back some of it's past glory! It was busy and bustling and I was glad I made a booking for lunch! I ordered my usual dish, the pasta but in the mild form as the spicy form is incredibly spicy! The spaghetti was cooked through but still retained it's bounciness, the seafood was an incredible mixture of mussels, fish, scallops, calamari and prawns (all fresh) and the sauce... omg... the sauce!
But the Seafood Pasta to die for doesn't just taste ridiculously amazing, it also provokes that feeling of being at home, on a cold winter's night, and being happy with a warm belly. Immediately after devouring the entire bowl, a feeling of content surrounds your body and you really just want to lie down and have a nanna nap. Certainly not great for productivity in the afternoon, but then again, you just don't really care when you feel so warm and fuzzy.

Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach

Now, just before all the dishes arrived, I asked my workmates to PLEASE let me take some pictures for my blog before they dig into it. It was quite difficult because I knew I had to be quick and not prolong their hunger pains.

As soon as C dug into her Cannelloni, all we could hear was "YUMMY!" I guess that's good enough for the rest of us!

It was definitely a very generous portion and all the ingredients were incredibly fresh. The pasta was soft and the napoli sauce was definitely essential to offset the richness of the ricotta. In seeking C's final remarks her reply was "It was lovely!"

Spaghetti Meatballs

The spaghetti meatballs looked quite similar to the Seafood pasta., minus the seafood and with some awesome looking home-made meatballs.

M told me that the sauce is slightly spicier than that of the Seafood pasta and it was definitely delicious.

Hmmm... I think I need to go for round 2 for Migo's this week!

Moroccan lamb tangine

I'm not a fan of lamb in general as the "lammy" flavour is not something I've been able to acquire over the years. However, our workmate Puji ordered this today and he says that he thoroughly enjoyed it. The meat was soft, it was well-cooked and the sauce was really, really nice. The texture is a bit of a mixture between a gravy and a curry and while he could taste spices in it, it was not overpowering. Only thing he would have liked more of was some more mash and bread and as there was plenty of sauce leftover in the end that he wished he could utilize to the fullest!

All in all, another satisfying meal at Migo's and I could not recommend it enough. If you're looking for an awesome little Italian cafe for lunch in the CBD... Migo's will do it for you and you could walk out with a Pasta/risotto/canelloni/Moroccan lamb and drink for under 20 bucks. I think that is great value, who doesn't?!?!?!


Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ying Thai

Not to be confused with Ying Thai 2, Ying Thai, the very first of its stores is located on the "Thai" end of Victoria Street in Richmond, towards Hoddle Street. Both restaurants have very similar menus and both are finalists of my most favourite Thai restaurants in Melbourne!

In fact, I am such a regular at the Lygon street one, that the staff now know me by name! A bit sad really, but I love it! I'm such a creature of habit that eventually, no matter where I go, the staff will know me by name and know what I like to order! :S

Today we ordered:

Pad Thai noodles with prawns
Panang curry with duck
Rice for two (only because Ying Thai doesn't do coconut rice, which is spectacular! (for rice))
Thai milk tea

Pad Thai with Prawns $14.90

A MUST order everytime! It is my belief that you can tell how good a Thai restaurant is by judging it's Pad Thai. And the Pad Thai noodles at Ying Thai have been consistently delicious and well cooked. The noodles here are slightly thicker than other Thai restaurant, but it works. The noodles are moist and the flavours provide a sweet, yet tasty combination.

You only get about 4 prawns in the entire dish, but they are fresh and definitely not undercooked or overcooked. Just right! Like my rice dishes, I like to break the egg up and  mix it into the rest of the dish to add bit more texture to it.

Yummy yummy prawns! The only thing I didn't like about the dish was the shredded carrot. But that's just me... I've ALWAYS had a thing against shredded carrot (that is not marinated). I do not enjoy the texture.

Panang Curry with Duck $16.90

This dish tastes a bit different to the Panang Curry at Ying Thai 2. It's got a more peanutty flavour to it, which I don't like as much. But the bf prefers the curry here - he likes the peanutty flavour and it also has bigger duck pieces and more of it! So all in all... better value! I know the photo doesn't really do it justice because it just looks like a bowl of brown. But curries at Ying Thai are generally, very good. Definitely another dish that tastes better than it looks!

What the food looks like after it's served on my plate. A bit of everything - and even if the flavours overlap, it's still very tasty! Definitely not a bad thing at all!

Thai Milk Tea

My favourite drink to order at Thai restaurants. I think it's basically Asian tea with condensed milk added to it. It's incredibly sweet and often needs diluting with water. I tend to take 2 sips, add water, take another 2 sips and add more water. After you've done this about 3 times, it's about right.

I love this drink because although I order all the dishes as "Mild", I think the Thai have a different interpretation of Mild than we do here in Australia! The milk tea definitely helps to soften the blow of the chilli!

Hmmm... the perfect lunch for a perfect afternoon of dress and shoe shopping. 

Just a friendly tip: Be sure to book on weekend evenings. If going to Ying Thai 2 on Lygon, be sure to book any evening!!