Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things I wish they made in my size...

I've never been much of a baby person. But when it became my responsibility to select some outfits for my mate Angus' baby... I walked into a world of pink dresses, big bows, 50s dresses and little puppies!!! Oh how I wish they made adult versions of these...

Sooooooooo Adorable!!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Matsuya (part 2)

I previously did a post on Matsuya already, but I went there again with my cousin after having a particularly terrible vibromania session and some Friday night shopping.

I got soooo excited when I saw another table having this dish, that we just had to order it ourselves! It was the special sushi boat for 2 people! LOVE the boat!!!

Sushi boat for 2 $58

We definitely had trouble finishing this boat between the two of us, but that was only because we ordered about 3 entrees to go with this!!!

The sashimi was fresh, the oysters were yummy, but I didn't really have the balls to go for the raw scallops.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Outfit of the Day 20/01/11

I'm a bit behind on the outfit posts lately! Probably due to the fact that I've been spending waaaay too much time being a piggy and eating! (Oh and the 2-3 times a week Vibro sessions!)

On Thursday night, I celebrated the bf's birthday (refer to below post for a review on The Conservatory) and wore:

Alannah Hill "Its Showtime! Jacket"
Sweet Cheeks singlet
Alannah Hill "It's my birthday!" Skirt
Alannah Hill knee high socks
Witchery patent pointy wedges
Vintage leather bag

I love this Alannah Hill jacket! It's made from silk and is lined with all these sequinns which are EXTREMELY delicate! My biggest fear is hooking myself onto something! It'll all be over! Luckily I got the jacket on sale! :) It's also got cute little embroidered flowers lining the edges of the jacket! It's adorable!

I bought this "Sweet Cheeks" singlet from a lady called Sandra at the Suzuki Night Market. The girly look of the stall attracted me immediately and I found myself just staring at these lovely, yet simple, Paris print-inspired singlets! They're adorable!

I love the little bows and I love the lace! I also love the Parisien Burlesque-like print! Sometimes I feel like I've been born in the wrong era!

I'm not going to attempt to count the number of bows I have on this outfit! There's simply too many!!! But clearly, I am the Princess of Bows! :)

The Conservatory

It was the bf's birthday on Thursday and so as I treat, I made a booking at The Conservatory buffet in Crown Casino, Southbank and requested for a table by the window overlooking the Yarra! (Aww don't vomit now for those romance cynics!)

I wasn't sure about taking photos in a place like The Conservatory, but once I got started, I couldn't stop! And nobody seemed to mind that much! Though I think I did look like a bit of a tourist! :S

In terms of top buffets in Melbourne, I think The Conservatory is up there. It's a bit under Melba at The Langham (especially price point as well), but above the International Buffet in Docklands and a few of the other ones scattered all over Melbourne. I have yet to try the China Bar Buffet on the corner of Burwood Highway and Springvale Road but I have heard good things about it!

Seafood included fresh oysters, king prawns, spanner crab, stir fried mussels and smoked salmon

There's a basic salad section and there's a mixed salad section
 My favourite salad would have had to been the sweet chilli thai-style chicken salad. It's got all the vegies I love, red onion, capsicum, cucumber - yum! It's very appetizing, especially when you're about to embark on a 4 - plate feast! (Yes, I did 4 plates!!)

4 types of gourmet gelati

I don't even like fruit tarts, but these strawberry tarts were AWESOME!!!

The roast section and the satay chicken cook!
 The bf always makes his way to the Roast Section of every buffet we've been to. However, he wasn't very impressed with the one at The Conservatory. The meats were cold!

 Had some salami and prosciutto. No way am I going to eat any sushi!

Buffet no.1 rule: Do not eat ANY carbs! They fill you up! This rule has been imbedded in almost every asian kid!

Plus, why would you want to stuff yourself with bread, pasta and rice when you can eat all that at home for free anyway???? Sound logical.

Chocolate fountain and various fruits

The oysters were very fresh - I like to put heaps and heaps of lemon in it. The prawns were yummy, but a bit over-salted (probably to prevent people from eating too many) and the spanner crab didn't really do much for me. It didn't really taste like anything and it was really cold!

One of my many plates!

My strategy with dealing with dessert is to ALWAYS pick up almost one of everything. I will then have a spoonful of everything, to determine which desserts I like best. Then I will completely finish the desserts that I like! :)

Strawberries, marshmallows and chocolate brownie having gone through the chocolate fountain! Looks appetizing, no?
I'm usually a HUGE fan of chocolate coated strawberries, but these strawberries were sour! Yuck!
The chocolate coated brownie was good though, so that definitely made up for it!

The caramelised apple pudding was TDF - "to die for!" My favourite of all the desserts - it was sweet, spongy, the custard really made it. All it needed was some vanilla ice- cream. All the other flavours were just too fancy to go with this beautiful dessert! Yum!!!!

The bf's cheese plate! He got two of these! He absolutely loves his cheeses!!!

Overall, I enjoyed our experience at The Conservatory. I actually like the atmosphere here and the view is quite nice. The dessert section is the highlight of the night, with my favourites being the strawberry tart and the caramelised apple pudding! I also love the smoked salmon and the salads!

The satay chicken was very well marinated and the peanut and sambal chilli sauce went really well together with it. The only thing I can fault is that the chicken is not kept under one of those heated lights and its cold when you eat it! :(

The bf was not very impressed with the roast at all - that was definitely cold. He very much preferred the roast at The Langham, but who doesn't? :P The bf really liked the cheese though, I think he wanted to eat that before we even ate anything else! Bf does recall that the cheese selection at The Langham was better though.

Going to The Conservatory is a once a year or once every two years affair, but I really do love the desserts!!! I think The Conservatory probably has the best dessert selection out of all the buffets we've been to in Melbourne. :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kimchi Grandma

Kimchi Grandma would have to be one of my favourite Korean restaurants in Melbourne. It is situated on Koornang road in Carnegie, about 5 minutes from Chadstone. It is on the same strip as Siam 1, the Thai restaurant I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

I love Korean food for the variety it has to offer and the marinated meats. I also love that the tea that is served is a special type of corn-flavoured tea. It is delicious! I've been told by a friend that you can buy the corn-flavoured tea at Korean grocery stores in Carnegie and Clayton.

The coolest thing about Korean food is that they have these little sidedishes that act as appetizers and sides to the meat that you eat. The dishes are constantly changing too. On this evening, we had a cold pasta salad (probably mixed with some mayo), Kimchi (marinated cabbage), Japanese seaweed, marinated beanshoots and another Kimchi but with different vegetables.

Pork Bulgogi $14.90

Full of flavour and the meat is succulent. The only annoying thing is that there's a small piece of fat which is attached to every piece of meat. While tempting to eat it (as it tastes soooo good), I almost remove the fat with my fork. I simply just feel too guilty.

Beef spare ribs $18.90

The beef spare ribs also come with a giant pair of scissors so one can cut off the bone quite easily without having to use their teeth like a classic barbarian. The boys don't mind though and in fact, T cleans the meat off the bone so well, you'd think he had razor teeth!

The marinade on this beef is sweet and goes perfectly with rice.

Teriyaki Chicken $14.90

A Korean take on the classic Japanese dish, this chicken is sweet and the meat is tender "melts in your mouth". I love onions in everything, so it's already sold to me. The bf though, had to pick out the chicken from the onions! (So much fun watching him trying to "skillfully" use a pair of chopsticks!)

Chap Chae $12.90

Potato noodles. I didn't believe it at first. It looks like the clear vermicelli. But these noodles are made from potato and they taste fantastic!!! My workmate Emilia says that it's probably made from potato starch. That's a logical conclusion.

This dish is vegetarian and serves a variety of asian vegies such as choi sum, chinese mushroom (there's a proper name for them, but I don't know it), brown onion, zucchini and carrot. Yum!

I must say that the dish is slightly oily - but it just tastes soooo good. I order it all the time! It's tasty enough to even go with rice!

All in all, a meal at Kimchi Grandma never disappoints. It's my "go-to" for Korean and for when I feel like eating lots of marinated meat. (and who wouldn't always be in the mood for marinated meat???)
I must warn you though... despite not cooking the meat ourselves, you do come out a bit stinky. So don't eat Korean when you've got somewhere public to be afterwards... the smell stays right in your hair!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Outfit of the Evening 16/01/11

I was so excited about my purchases today, I knew I had to find a way to wear everything at once! That's what I tend to do when I have new items. Either I wear it all at once and immediately, or... I will put off wearing it until the perfect day. And by then, the items are on sale!!!

Tonight the bf and I caught up with our friends K and T at one of my favourite Korean restaurants, Kimchi Grandma. I wore:

Wheels and Dollbaby Mermaid Tank
Alannah Hill "Got any Gossip" skirt
Marks & Spencer bow fishnets
My Camberwell Market Finds - Brown leather satchel, Vintage Ferragamos and Charm Necklace

I'm DEFINITELY a girly girl, when it comes to fashion. But when I open my mouth and go off... that's a different story. :P

I love Wheels and Dollbaby clothes. Problem is, we don't have a store in Melbourne! (*anyone out there listening?) And given the prices of a lot of their clothes, I would really like to try them before buying! So I stick to safe things like tank tops and stretchy tops which mould to the body when buying online. But if I do pop into Sydney for a visit...  I WILL BRING THE CREDIT! (Which is why I won't be popping into Sydney anytime soon)

And oh, I also seem to have an obsession with black printed tank tops. A girl can never have enough tank tops... right?

I've had this Alannah Hill skirt since 2003. Would that classify as vintage already? :)

I got my first piece of Alannah Hill when I was in high school, sometime in 1999. I think that's really when my one-sided love affair with Alannah started. I have to say, I definitely did start young!

The Marks & Spencer fishnets were a present from my mummy on her recent trip to Hong Kong. I think they cost something like $125 HKD which equates to about $15 AUD. Half the price of my Alannah Hill ones!! My cousin picked the patterns, knowing my penchant for bows and fishnets. Major points to them both! :)

Vintage purchases of the Day

So my friends and I arrived at the Camberwell Market this morning at 6:30am in hope of getting a casual stall to offload our old stuff. Unfortunately, by the time we put our names down on the list, we were number 46. At 7:30am, we found out that there were only enough cancellations and spare stalls up to number 41. We only just missed by 5 people. Sadness.

To cheer ourselves up, we decided to have a bit of a browse, since I've never actually been to the Camberwell market to shop. I mean, who can be bothered waking up at 7am just to browse through second hand stuff? Boy, wasn't I glad we missed out on a spot because I made the most awesome finds today!

Vintage Italian Leather Bag

I bought this bag from a lady who has a stall full of vintage bags. What attracted me the most was the buckle feature on this bag.  Before I even looked at the price, a few things went through my mind:

1. Leather? Tick
2. Cool detailing? Tick (awesome buckle that I struggled to open in the first couple of minutes)
3. Enough room to fit my wallet, phone, ipod, tissues, lipstick, paw paw ointment, work security pass, travel journal, Ray Bans or glasses? Tick Tick Tick!
4. Handle and leather strap? Tick!

And there's a bag that I love! :) I managed to get 4 dollars off too. Haha score!

Vintage Ferragamos

I bought these from a girl who's leaving the country for good and really needed to get rid of her unwanted things. She told me that she got these from ebay, but they didn't fit and it really upset her because she loved them.  I told her not to worry as I shall take care of them for her! ;)

Dainty necklace

Not a vintage find, but I loved this dainty piece because of the little hand mirror! I also love necklaces with long chains, so this will definitely become a staple! I can see myself mixing it with all my Swarovski pieces already!

All in all, it was a day of hard work and fun! Even though we didn't end up getting a stall, we managed to spend our stall money on some excellent pieces.

My friend S managed to score herself a mini birdcage and a set of 5 vintage books that would look totally totally cool in the bookcase of her new house! The bf also got some Nintendo 64 games, a novel about physics and a piece of spongebob leggo that costed him $10!!! (Apparently, it's a collector's piece.)

We also decided we will try again next week - except this time, we're going to show up even earlier and fingers crossed, we'll get a stall!

Fingers crossed. xx

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Situated on Station Street in Fairfield, we made the mistake of showing up at Matsuya one Tuesday evening without making a booking. BIG MISTAKE. Though it's a quaint little restaurant situated in a suburban street, it is incredibly busy - night after night!

So we tried again the next week, but this time armed with a booking. At 7pm, the restaurant was already buzzing with only a couple of empty tables.

There's a fantastic selection at Matsuya... and being our usual selves, we over-ordered once again. At least we got to try a bit of everything!

For 4 people, we ordered:

Beef Tataki $9

Raw beef slices in garlic and wine sauce with raw egg

The beef slices were perfect. They absorbed all the different flavours from the sauce and the raw egg and simply melted in your mouth. Though I may suggest that they add some sliced red onion? There's always onion in beef tataki!

Kaki Fry $9.50

Fried crumbed oysters with Japanese BBQ sauce

These were delicious! The BBQ sauce added a sweetness to the fried oysters. And the lemon juice gave it a twang. Crunchy and delicious and not too oily.

Soft Shell crab

With a chilli mayo and salad

Yum yum yum! First time I've had soft shell crab with a chilli mayo. Also don't forget to squeeze some lemon over the crab as well! Delicious! Though crab was a bit skinny - not enough meat, I say!

Gyoza $7

Japanese style dumplings with pork and cabbage

I love gyozas. And because I've eaten many, it is getting easier to differentiate between a good gyoza and a bad one. I really liked these gyozas and they were full of flavour, but I have to say they aren't the best I've had. I think if they had cooked the skin a bit more so that it was crispier, then it would have been perfect. Instead, we had gyozas that were falling apart when we picked them up from the plate!

Salmon Sashimi $22.80

The sashimi was nice and fresh and the slices were not too thick, which is what I prefer! I don't like chunky slices of sashimi because then all you can taste is fish! (I know that's kinda the point, hehe)

Seafood Yaki Udon $16

Japanese style fried udon noodles with seafood and vegetables served on a hot plate

I have to say that there wasn't really anything special about this Seafood udon. I very much prefer the seafood udon of Matsuzaka and Koko. The serving was actually quite small compared to other seafood udons I've had and there wasn't much seafood. I really dislike it when restaurants try to "pad" their dishes by throwing in tons and tons of beanshoots. While the flavour was quite good, I don't think I'd order it again other than for it to "pad" my stomach.

Wafu Steak $21.80

Beef eye fillet in home made fruity wafu sauce with vegetables served on a hot plate

Everyone really loved the beef and it was incredibly well cooked (medium - rare). But for some reason, I didn't really like it... it was too beefy. Like I could taste cow. *shivers* And thing is, I order my steaks medium-rare so I wasn't sure why I didn't really like the flavour of the Wafu steak. But it was definitely a favourite of everyone else! The bf definitely loved it!

Tempura $18.80

Deepp fried prawns, fish and vegetables in light batter served with ginger and radish dipping sauce

Yum!!! The ginger and radish dipping sauce is divine. My favourite would be the prawn and the sweet potato tempura! Yum!

Teriyaki Chicken $15.80

Braised chicken fillet with teriyaki sauce served with vegetables

I didn't try the teriyaki chicken because I was too full. But the bf enjoyed it and said he liked that it was charred a little bit, just enough to be crisp and had a smoky flavour to it. I think at this point, everyone was simply too full to enjoy!

All in all, a great experience in a little northern suburban restaurant! Will definitely come back again when I'm craving some soft shell crab with chilli mayo, the fried oysters and the tempura! Definitely one of the better tempuras that I've had!!!