Sunday, 27 February 2011

Outfit of the Day 25/02/11

Friday consisted of work, vibration training and an intense session of shopping from 6 - 9pm in the City. I was actually quite proud of myself as the only thing I ended up purchasing was a cute new skirt from Forever New! Will post up piccies of this skirt once it comes out to play during the week!

I wore:

Alannah Hill "Break My Heart" Jacket
Wheels & Dollbaby Mermaid Tank
Divided by HM skirt
Alannah Hill fishnets
Sisley Platforms
Vatican Library Collection necklace

Love love love this jacket!!! LOVE the nautical theme (who doesn't have a soft spot for nautical?), the navy piping and even the navy blue lining of the jacket! I love colour co-ordination!

P.S - I've decided March will be my "Buy 1 fashion item only" and shop only from my own wardrobe challenge. In light of my desperate need to save for my pending Eurotrip (for which I'm actually on track!), and the fact that I am dealing with my shopping addiction on a day to day basis, AND the fact that I probably have enough clothes to give me a new outfit every day for more than a year - I think this will be a good opportunity for me to see if I can only buy 1 thing for this month!

Will let you know how I go!


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Shanghai Dynasty

Apologies for the slow posting lately - I've been soooooo busy that I hardly even get a sleep in on the weekends! (And that's HUGE, since the weekends are for catching up on sleep!) This weekend, we had a stall at the Camberwell Market and it was mostly a success - until the weather started playing games with us from about 11, a bit of spitting here, a bit of wind there, then lots of rain, then nothing! Sigh. Melbourne weather - can we expect anything less?

So catching up on my restaurant posts, for Chinese New Year, the family always gets together to have a gathering at a randomly selected Chinese restaurant. This year, we decided to try Shanghai Dynasty, a relatively new restaurant in the old Village arcade in Little Bourke street (also known as Chinatown).

We had:

Soy Duck Tongue $8.80

Yep, you read it correctly. Duck tongue. DELICIOUS. Sounds disgusting, but if you never try it, you will never know how delicious it is! ;)

The bf was brave enough to give it a shot and he was pleasantly surprised! Gotta be in it, to win it! :) (Just don't think focus on the tongue bit, and just focus on the delicious flavour!)

Live Parrotfish $58

This was cooked in a sweet and sour sauce and it was so tasty, it was perfect for rice! I think the fish is fried and the skin is nice and crispy. Yum!

Ice Vegie Buddha Abalone $9.80 each

This vegetarian abalone is already sliced and tastes JUST LIKE abalone! Dad is a vegetarian, so we often order a few vego dishes. Asian vegetarian food usually involves mock meat made from various ingredients and often, it almost passes off as the real deal!

Braised cocktail abalone in Bamboo leaf $8.00 each

Now this is the real deal. Each person gets one of these babies, and the abalone tastes like its been marinated in a honey sauce (which I love) and in that cone is some sticky rice! Yum! They're not very big abalones, but for $8 each, its pretty good value!

Vegie Buddha Shark Fin Crab Meat $28

We almost got tricked into thinking this was real shark fin, until we noticed that the texture was more rubbery than real shark fin. I didn't really like this dish, but it would be pretty convincing for those not in the know!

Sweet & Sour Pork $18

This dish was mainly for the benefit of the kiddies on the table, but it's always a favourite of mine too! Shanghai Dynasty's dish wasn't particularly exceptional, but its not one of the worst ones I've had either.

Pan Fry Bean Curd Skin Roll Prawn $18

If you're a fan of yum cha, you'd be pretty familiar with this dish. I wasn't sure about the sauce that accompanied this dish, I usually prefer sweet and sour sauce or mayo. It was a tad oily, but it tasted good - if one can overlook the oiliness!

Sizzling Beef and Corn Bread $19.80

Easily the best dish of the evening, when you turn the little baos over, they are hollowed out so you can put the filling into it! Hmmm... I can't wait to go back to eat this dish actually, it was sooooo tasty and you can't go wrong with baos and tasty meaty stir fry. I could easily eat just this dish on its own. Yum! (Though I'm sure my vibro trainer will be screaming "Nooooooo carbs!!!!!)

Prawns cooked with Goose Pate $8 each

One of those, tastes WAY better than it looks dish. The pate was divine. Hmmm.... Chinese and French fusion? Hell yeah!

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and the decor of the restaurant is really beautiful. Everything is gold and shiny and it really gives you the feeling that this might have been a bit of what the ancient kings and queens of past dynasties may have experienced. I would definitely go back, but I hear that they are changing the menu soon, so I better hurry and make my next booking! :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ying Thai 2

Not to be confused with Ying Thai in Richmond, Ying Thai 2 is situated towards the City end of Lygon Street in Carlton.

A Thai restaurant on a street famous for Italian restaurants and gelati shops? Hell Yes!!!

Ying Thai 2 is almost ALWAYS busy and you pretty much need to make a booking EVERY day (Except for Mondays, when it's closed). A regular there, the waiters know me by name and I am always welcomed with a cheery hello. It also means that I get to have great service when other people might not due the hustle and bustle of a full house every night!

My usual order consists of:

Pork Spring rolls $8.90

For those who are used to Vietnamese spring rolls in Richmond, Footscray or Springvale, $8.90 for 4 spring rolls would appear to be a bit steep. But these are no ordinary pork spring rolls. They are solid, packed with a pork and clear vermicelli mixture and are sooooo tasty that I eat them with my coconut rice!

Hint: Don't get too excited and grab one as soon as they put the plate down, it is SUPER hot inside!

Penang Curry with Duck $16.90

This is the bf's favourite dish at Ying Thai 2. The duck is basically roast duck which has been shredded into the curry. Tastes divine! A perfect dish to go with your coconut rice.

Pad Thai with Prawns $14.90

No visit to Ying Thai 2 is complete without a serve of Pad Thai noodles. I haven't been to Thailand, but I've been told by friends that the flavours are on par with those in Thailand. Authentic is always a good sell!!!

Another hint: All the dishes I've ordered from Ying Thai are always MILD and I tend to place a lot of emphasis on this. Though Mild, it is often still a bit chilli, with certain dishes still being quite spicy (to the point that I need to take many sips of my Thai milk tea). If you're a lover of hot food, may I suggest that you start with medium, rather than going straight to Hot. I sat next to a couple once who thought they could handle anything and asked for their dishes in Medium to Hot, and they could not eat their dishes and their faces turned red. This is no Nandos so hot means HOT. :)

Ying Thai 2 NEVER disappoints and is my first recommendation for anyone who asks me about Thai food in Melbourne. Sure, I haven't tasted all the Thai restaurants in Melbourne yet, but with these prices and with these dishes, you cannot go wrong!

Outfit of the Day 13/02/11

Today, the bf and I went to Yum Cha as a sort of pre-Valentine's special. We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day(this being our second year), but we generally like to buy a little gift and eat out. I told him it would be a bit tricky to do anything tomorrow night though - given it is exercise night and it's My Kitchen Rules night and I get to find out whether Melbourne gets the boot or not. (Yes, I'm a bit tragic like that.)

Today, I wore:

Sass & Bide black skinny leg jeans
Sass & Bide singlet
Vintage leather and fox fur jacket
Marni platforms
Ray Ban mini wayfarers

I also got my nails done yesterday with one of my besties and am wearing O.P.I "A oui bit of red"

I think I only wear jeans about once every couple of months. But whenever I do, the bf really appreciates it. I think it makes me more "girl next door"! Haha

The Marni platforms are proving to be a great wardrobe essential. They give me the height I need when standing next to the bf (he's 190cm and I'm 156cm!) and they're really comfy! I decided a long time ago if I was marrying the bf that I would be wearing high platforms at our wedding so that the HUGE height difference between us won't be so noticeable in pictures. (Yep, I've planned ahead! hehe)

I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE my vintage find! The weather got a bit cooler this weekend and I used that opportunity immediately to start getting my wears out of this jacket. It is also keeping me satisfied for the time being until I find the perfect Shearling/Aviator jacket - either an awesome Burberry Prorsum copy OR (if it ever goes on sale), the actual Burberry one itself! Oh how I wish.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Outfit of the Evening 05/02/11

I originally had a bright orange silk maxi planned for KDo's wedding, but it was just too cold for such a bright colour! So instead I went for a (dark) red dress! Definitely less bright. Haha.

I wore:

Dress by Thurley
Hair accessory by Diva
Alannah Hill stockings
Marni Platforms
Alannah Hill "It's Showtime!" Jacket (not in pics)

The Thurley dress was a birthday present from my bestie a few years back. The dress was soooo me, it's definitely one of the best presents I've ever received from her! (Though I've loved every present I've gotten from her!)

I didn't actually know what this print would look like on when I bought these stockings. I never do - I mean, how can you tell with that little clear square? But when I put them on and realised they were blossoms (?), I went out and bought another pair, as a spare! :) The print is so pretty!

LOOOOOVVVVVVE these Marni platforms. Love the purple and brown detailing on the platform and on the heel! Who can say no???

S wore:

Dress from ASOS
Heels from Stella McCartney
Swarovski necklace

S bought this gorgeous one-shoulder dress from ASOS! I really liked the draping on it, it's very elegant!

S and I were shopping together in Florence when she bought these Stellas. They are soooo chic and perfect for all occasions! As soon as I saw her slip her feet in those, I knew she had to buy them! (p.s - I am the worst person to go shopping with, as I always encourage people to buy things as soon as it looks good on them! Teehee)

 It really annoys us (we had this discussion) when girls show up at weddings and look like they're about to go clubbing! Big grrrr! I definitely thought our outfits were wedding appropriate!

Wedding - Sails by the Bay

Last night, my friend S and I attended our dear friend KDo's wedding.

I met KDo through S while travelling and studying in Europe. KDo and I discovered we had a mutual dislike of annoying people and a mutual love of designer outlets! While the time we spent together was only a brief 3 or 4 weeks, it was simply enough to establish a long-lasting friendship and an invite to KDo's wedding! I love weddings! And KDo is awsome and looked so beautiful!

We ate:

Entree -

Crispy pork belly, sweet potato mash, baby spinach, caramelised soy & orange dressing

Duck orange zest ravioli, ginger, galangal broth

The cripsy pork belly was divine! It was tender and the caramelised soy gave us a sweet entree to start with. It does taste quite Asian, but that's not a problem at all. It was a bit fatty, but didn't matter, it was lovely!

The duck ravioli was kind of like a duck dumpling! I had to add a bit of salt to it though, as it was a little bit too subtle for my tastes. The galangal broth added a nice touch to it.

Main -

Grilled snapper fillet, shiitake & ginger soy broth, boy choy, green beans, crushed potato, soft herbs

Grilled eye fillet (medium), dauphinoise potato, carrot timbale, red wine jus

S had the fish and said it definitely tasted very Asian, haha. I do love Asian style fish though, except for the bones. This dish was light but it was very tasty.

I usually like my steak medium rare so this was slightly more overcooked than I would have liked. Still it was well cooked and the dauphinoise potato was quite delicious. I was bit blah about the carrot timbale though, it was a strange carrot mousse. Eeeek.

Dessert -

Glazed lemon parfait, lemon curd, citrus syrup

This was surprisingly good! We thought with all that lemon lemon lemon, it would be too much. But it was very refreshing! Really liked it!

The night ended with some dancing - from techno to 80s classics to RnB slow jams. The techno was a bit overwhelming - I think most of the oldies decided to leave at that point! But the 80s classics was AWESOME and S and I went out there and shook our heads like there was no tomorrow!

It was a relatively early, but definitely great night!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Outfit of the Day 05/02/11

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

It's definitely the busiest time of the year for my family. Everyone's cleaning, making restaurant bookings, organising family outings, visiting and socialising. Oh and for us "young, unmarried" singles, we get red packets with $$$ in them! This is probably the only time in the year that I have a chance at getting some $$$ from family! Serious!

And so I haven't had time to post! (Of course, it's never an excuse to not post!) So hopefully, this weekend I can put up all the pictures I've been collecting the last week!

Today I wore:

Alannah Hill "Fight for Me" Jacket
Wheels & Dollbaby Mermaid Tank
Forever New skirt
Fishnets from Marks and Spencer
Belt by Ralph Lauren
Sisley platform peeptoes

I've been eyeing this Alannah Hill jacket for a good few months now. But because it was pink, it was not something I could justify buying full price. I mean, how many outfits can I really wear it with? Actually, surprisingly many!!! I feel like such a lady when I'm wearing this jacket! (Yes, it's soooooooo ME!)
So I just had to buy it when AH had it's 50% off the entire store for two days last week! Loves!

I love this Ralph Lauren belt because of it's nautical theme and the hardware! Only annoying thing is when I walk around the office with it on, people know when I'm approaching as it's quite noisy!

These stockings are another buy from my mum on her recent trip to HK. These were picked by my cousin also and they are awesome! I have no idea what the pattern is, but I often can't tell until I see pictures of myself wearing them!

The Sisley peeptoes were purchased in Florence. I remember them being the only pair in the store, they were on sale and they were my size. Unfortunately, in a situation like this (when the shopping stars are aligned), it is a BUY for me. I have gotten soooo many wears, they are totally worth it!

You can't see it in the pictures, but I also matched my jacket with some MAC "Show Orchid" Limited Edition lipstick. It's basically the same pink as the jacket and just adds that little extra to my outfit! :)