Saturday, 19 March 2011

Outfit of the Day 19/03/11

Hello hello, what a great start to the weekend!

We started off with lunch at my favourite Japanese restaurant, a quick browse at the local Salvos and a couple of Lucky Cups (otherwise known as bubble teas) and we're back home again in the comfort of our pjs!

The bf managed to pick up some dvds from the Salvos, but I wasn't so lucky. I found a couple of beautiful woollen jackets in hot pink and bright red that were going for about $13 each, but they were just too big! Not to worry, that's $26 I've saved to go toward our Europe holiday! (I'm doing sooo well, aren't I?)

Today I wore:

Alannah Hill "death doll" blouse
Forever New skirt
Alannah Hill belt
Alannah Hill stockings
Vintage bow pumps
Ray Ban mini-wayfarers
Chanel bag

I love all the lace detailing of the Alannah Hill blouse, although I have to be a little bit careful with what I team it with as it can look incredibly gothic. The Chanel bag is one that I have permanently borrowed from my mum - I took it from her about a year ago and I don't think she's seen it since! My excuse is that it suits someone my age more! :P

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Outfit of the Day 13/03/11

Sunday went and saw The King's Speech. Yes, I'm a tad behind on my movie viewing! The Oscars were weeks ago! But of course I've spending time watching brainless teen flicks like "I am number Four", which, by the way, was a bit of fun!

Overall, The King's Speech was an enjoyable film, though I thought the middle hung a bit. Was pleasantly surprised to see Guy Pearce in it - I have a soft spot for him, especially since I think he is a terribly underrated actor. (How awesome was he as Andy Warhol in Factory Girl?) I was actually having a discussion with my workmate E today about this - Guy Pearce rocks and I think they should have advertised the fact that he was in The King's Speech too! Clearly, I'm not the only one who was delighted by his appearance!

To the movies, I wore:

Alannah Hill "The good witch" cardigan
Dangerfield "The Blues" skirt
Sportscraft bracelet
Friends of Couture black bow with diamontes clip
Voodoo opaques
Siren platform pumps

Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

This cardigan is soooooo sparkly! Sometimes I actually get a little bit self conscious - especially when the sun is shining on my chest! Haha sunnies please!

These Siren babies are a Winter favourite. They are soooo high - I have told the bf that these are my ideal wedding shoes (if I marry him) as the top of my head almost reaches his chin when I have these on! (The perils of liking tall boys!)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Outfit of the Day 12/03/11

Saturday was incredibly lazy... the bf and I hung out at home in the lovely weather, then headed out to Glen Waverley to get some red pearl milk tea and a quick Thai dinner. Yum!

I wore:

Mazi cami
Forever New skirt
Vintage belt
Mimco necklace
Diva cuff
Gucci and Swarovski rings
Alannah Hill knee-highs
Marni platforms

Lipstick: Show Orchid (limited edition) by MAC

Mazi is a great little shop with very feminine styles and lots of lace! If I'm ever on Bridge road or Brunswick Street, I always drop by  Mazi for a little peek to see if there's anything I can pick up that will compliment my already girly wardrobe! This cami is me to a tee - it has bows and although it's tucked in, the trimming is lace!

Question: For those ladies that are as obsessed about socks and stockings as I am, how do you store yours so that you can see each and every sock and pattern? I just hang mine in random places, and pick up whichever pair that's fresh from the wash or hanging around. But I'd like to have some kind of order to it, so I'm not overwhelmed by the numbers!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Outfit of the Day 6/3/11

Hello there, its been a while!

Apologies for being a week behind on outfit postings! I've been busy trying to convince myself that I must save money and not spend a cent. I have a holiday in 4 months, after all!!!  The terrible thing is, I've already broken my "Buy nothing new" for March already!!! Hmmm... I think it's best not to ban myself from anything... because I never, ever have the self control to maintain any bans of any sorts. That includes, but not limited to - carb banning, cake banning, ice-cream banning, Alannah Hill clothes banning. Just doesn't work.
Re: carbs - I told my vibro trainer that I was just going to have to lose weight slower than everyone else because I am unable to cut out on any carbs. I've done pretty well with bread so far... but I am NOT cutting out on rice or pasta. Nooooo way.

So anyway, LAST Sunday, the bf and I went to see Tron: the Legacy for the SECOND time! I know, it sounds a bit tragic, but he really really wanted to see it at IMAX and really, I couldn't leave him to see it by himself. After all, I did enjoy my first viewing - Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) grows on you after a while AND the soundtrack is prettttyyy awesome. (Pretty much the best thing about the movie!)

That day, I wore:

Alannah Hill sample cardigan
Cotton On Body bow singlet
Forever New pleated bow skirt
Alannah Hill knee highs
Sisley platform peeptoes
Gucci bag

I love this cardigan. I love the bows! It was a sample cardigan which I picked up and I was totally loving it. I also love the pearl buttons! I'm such a sucker for girly details.

I had the opportunity to drop by the AH outlet on Saturday with my cousin and we both went a little bit nutty. Mind you, things at the outlet are not cheap - I have friends that pop in thinking they're going to pick up $20 cardigans. But that's really not the case. But for an Alannah Hill fan(atic) like me, it's definitely cheaper because I do buy things full price also, so I can appreciate the discounts, even if they're not super bargains.

Love the pleats on this Forever New skirt! The cream version was released first and since then, I've been keeping my eye out for a black one. As soon as it hit the stores - it was mine! It's going to get soooo many wears for both work and on the weekends! Woo! (If you look at my mouth closely, I think I was also saying "woo!" hahahaha)