Saturday, 30 April 2011

Outfit of the Day 30/04/11, Shira Nui

Last night I had my first blogger recognition moment!!! Prior to heading off to my friend S's place to watch the Royal Wedding, the bf and I quickly popped by Cafe de Kikaku near my work for a quick dinner. As we finished up, I got up to pay - only for the waitress to bring over a gorgeous sticky date pudding with ice cream! She told me that it was a "gift" and left a note on our table from the chef. This is what it said:

AMAZING! I was soooooo excited and so was the bf! In fact, I felt the need to call two work friends and my cousin straight away to tell them about my "celebrity" moment! haha! Anyway, it was a wonderful experience and thank you again, Kikaku, for the amazing dessert. It was delicious!!!

Today, we popped into my favourite Japanese restaurant, Shira Nui  in Glen Waverley for a quick, but super delicious lunch. We ate:

Chicken curry rice

Sprinkle some chilli flakes into this dish and it's definitely one of the best Japanese katsu curries around! You get the option of chicken, beef and pork.

Sashimi special lunch

I really enjoyed the salad, which consists of sliced onion, various greens and sliced sashimi and a sesame - like, ponzu sauce. Yummy!!!

4 Oyster sushi and 4 Yakiniku sushi

 Like I've said many many times... PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH when you pop one of these in!

Outfit-wise, I decided to pull out my Kookai feather tank top from a couple of years back and give it a wear since it's been a while! I love this singlet, but I always shed a feather or two when I wear it!

Kookai feather tank top
Review "Madison" jacket
Stella pleated leather skirt
Columbine bow stockings
Vintage pumps from Florence
LV Epi Leather Bag

Necklace: Corky St. Clair (from the underpass of Flinders Street Station)
Ring: YSL (net-a-porter, baby!)

The YSL ring is a present from the bf as our 2 year anniversary is coming up! I LOVE it. (And of course I do, I chose it!) Time really does fly... sigh.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Outfit of the Day 26/04/11, Michaelangelo

Yesterday was the last day of our 5 day break and I arrived at work today with a huuuuuugeee list of things to do! I am so exhausted that I couldn't even be bothered keeping my clothes on long enough to take outfit pictures for today. (Probably why I never post outfits during the week when it's not a long weekend!)

This is my outfit from last night - I ABSOLUTELY adore jackets. Little jackets, big jackets, long jackets and cropped jackets. I love wool jackets, leather jackets, cotton jackets and silk jackets. Shiny jackets, black jackets, pink jackets and spotty jackets... you get the point.

I also adore blazers, especially this gorgeous little number from Alannah Hill. Although I undeniably have a shopping problem, over time, I have gotten quite good at making impulse purchases with absolutely no regret. The exact thing happened with this jacket - I walked into the store, spotted the blazer, grabbed a size and popped it on. Stepped outside, looked in the mirror, fidgeted a little, looked in the mirror again and then... "I'll take it, thanks." Hmmm... I wish I was THIS efficient with everything else in life!

Alannah Hill "My bloody valentine" jacket in navy
Morgan de Toi bow top
Alannah Hill "My sex shame" skirt
Alannah Hill knee-highs
Steve Madden patent pumps

 Louis Vuitton Epi Leather bag (permanently borrowed from mum!)

I've been eyeing mum's red Epi leather LV bag for a few years now. My sister gave it to her and she's pretty much just left it in the dust bag along with all the other bags that my sister gifts her. I think it's from the mid 90s? Does that count as vintage yet? Anyway, I've slowly and stealthily gotten my grubby little hands onto each bag of my mum's bags and now I have my own collection, permanently borrowed from her. Hehe!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lipstick Mania!

I'm definitely a lipstick kinda gal. I also prefer matte lipsticks over shiny, sticky ones. My brand of choice is MAC, followed very closely by NARS. I love MAC for the intensity of the colours and NARS because it moisturises your lips as you use it.

My latest lippy craze is bright pink. On a recent shopping trip, I discovered the Limited Edition, MAC "Candy Yum-Yum". I asked my bestie "How many bright pink lipsticks does a girl need?" I tested the colour on my hand and I was sold immediately.

Here's a close up pic of my lips with a couple of layers of the "Candy Yum-Yum".

Definitely not for the faint hearted!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Outfit of the Day 24/04/11, Coco Lounge

So yesterday, I spent some time in my room surfing the net and attempted to do some "study" when one of my besties called and simply informed me that she was on her way to Chaddy and was coming around to pick me up - whether I liked it or not. Since I didn't seem to have a choice, and I was in need of some "exercise", I got up and got changed and postponed the studies for that little bit longer. (But boy did I suffer today).

Ok, so I have a serious shopping problem. I really do. First, we went to Alannah Hill and I bought the "Close to Me" cardigan in Navy (for a picture, click here.) I'd been eyeing it since it was featured in the A/W11 lookbook and but have been holding off because I simply did not need another Alannah Hill cardi. (Who am I kidding?) But now that it's on sale, it was completely justified! (I ended up returning it today because the beading was actually undone, and the SAs informed me that it was quite a delicate cardigan which snags quite easily. I ended up exchanging it for a different cardigan of course, which I will post about really soon because I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!)

And then I bought something that had been sitting on my "to buy" list for a few months. And that's a pleated, leather skirt. Yep, it's definitely an essential. So last night, I wore my new leather skirt while dining at Coco Lounge in Glen Waverley and watching Thor in 3D.

Princess Highway "Globetrotting" wool coat
MinkPink tank top
Stella by Stella McCartney pleated leather skirt
Marks & Spencer stockings
Miu Miu leopard print loafers
Necklace from Camberwell Market
 Here's a better picture of the skirt! It's definitely my favourite skirt and will probably be worn to death over the next year! The lady at the counter actually gave my skirt a big sniff before she folded it up. My bestie and I looked at each other and couldn't help ourselves but burst out laughing!

And from Coco Lounge, we ate:

Pasta special of the night - Spaghetti with blue swimmer crab, prawns, scallops and coconut milk

Main special of the night: Yellow fin tuna with hollandaise and wilted spinach

Prawn and Calamari Risotto (with pumpkin added)

Coco Lounge is always our cafe of choice whenever we go to Glen Waverley for dinner. The food never disappoints - I usually order the Prawn and Calamari risotto, but decided to try the special pasta of the night and boy was I glad... the seafood at Coco Lounge is always fresh and the service is always lovely and attentive!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Outfit of the Day 23/04/11

Yesterday consisted of shopping on Brunswick street and the movies. We went and saw Fast and the Furious 5, not because it was a particularly great series of movies, but just because we've already seen the first four and I love watching movies where brain use is not required. (I remember I saw Inception after a long day at work, and I came out of the movie soooooooo tired because I not only had to think at work, but also had to think even HARDER during Inception.)

Anyway, I quite enjoyed "Fast 5" - it had the fast cars, the gorgeous ladies, the ridiculous story line and it had not one, but two ridiculously buff dudes doing things that only buff dudes do in movies. As it turns out, there's going to be a 6th and final instalment which looks like it will bring together all the characters from 1, 2, 4 and 5. AWESOME for me and all the teenage boys out there.

Notion of Legacy Cardigan
Pulp Kitchen "The Smiths" men's tank top
Sportsgirl leggings
Divided by H&M scarf
Miu Miu Leopard Print loafers

Lipstick: Nars "Schiap"

I've been so good to my Miu Mius that I make sure I only wear them when I know I'm not going to be treading on rough terrain. So I reserve them for shopping trips hehe. After about 3 (long) wears and 4 blisters later, they have now been sufficiently broken into and are super comfy to wear for hours on end. I LOVES!!!

I bought this Notion of Legacy cardigan literally YEARS ago and recently rediscovered it while I was doing a major wardrobe clean out! It used to be a favourite of mine and since I've found it, I have worn it at least once a week! (Which is an extremely good turnaround for me) It was definitely a great buy, as black and white stripes are always going to be timeless.

Below is a picture of me from behind - you can see that it's shorter at the back than at the front. It is such a versatile piece that I know I will always keep and love!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Outfit of the Day 22/04/11

Happy Easter Everyone!

I've been particularly good this Easter and only eaten one mini Lindt bunny! But I'm definitely thinking about getting myself some more when I stop by the supermarket next. Mmmm...

Anyway, it's been a very productive Good Friday. The bf and I headed into the city in the afternoon for lunch at an awesome cheap and cheerful Malaysian restaurant called Sambal Kampung, on Little Bourke street, Chinatown.  It was super delicious. Exactly what I wanted.

We then headed off to the Comedy Festival where we saw Sammy J & Randy (his really awesome purple puppet) at the Hi-Fi Bar on Swanston Street. I have to say it definitely was one of the funnier comedy shows I've been to and I find Sammy J a tad cute. Though it was the bf that ended up being the total groupie and asked for his autograph on a Sammy J t-shirt that he bought after the show!

We then ended the evening with a couple of drinks from "Easy Way" and checked out a few of those little Asian stores in Chinatown that were still open! The bf is OBSESSED with anything to do with the Super Mario games and the little stores had all the figurines and soft toys he could ever wish for!

Arthur Galan cobalt wool jacket
MinkPink tank top
Forever New frill skirt
Dangerfield tights
Gucci bag
Nine West patent bow flats

Lipstick: Nars "Schiap"

I am a girl of many jackets and coats and I have to say that this AG jacket is one of my top 3! (And I must have over 40 jackets and coats, but I am too afraid to officially count them!) I love the colour to death, and I love big lapels or flaps or whatever they're called. (My friends think its hilarious when I say I love big flaps.) This photo gives you a better idea of the pattern on my stockings - I wore these to match my lipstick and my nails. Heehee. Hey, the details DO matter!

At Sambal Kampung, we ate:

Curry Laksa
Nasi Goreng with Sambal chicken
Nasi Lemak with beef Rendang

Love the yummy laksa soup. I'm not a Laksa expert so can't tell you how this compares with other Laksas, but it is flavoursome and has plenty of fish cake, prawns, egg, tofu and vegies.

I thought with the ingredients being stir fried with a sambal sauce that this would be a spicy dish. Not at all. A tad relieved but also a tad disappointed. While I am terrible at handling spicy food, Sambal sauce IS meant to be spicy! The bf really enjoyed this dish though!

My favourite of the 3 dishes was the Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang. As can be seen, it also includes a side of deep fried anchovie-like fish with peanuts and some sambal chilli! I CANNOT eat chilli, but will force myself to down sambal no matter how many tissues it takes to plug my runny, intolerant nose. The bf loved the anchovies, but they're definitely super oily, so I avoided that at all costs. But oh... the beef rendang combined with the rice, the sambal and a bit of egg? YUMMMMMMMMMMO!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Outfits! 16/04/11

Yesterday was a super lazy day, but almost every weekend for me is super lazy - it is the time to:

a) catch up on sleep (I know people say this doesn't work, but it sure works for me!);
b) enjoy long lazy lunches (with friends or with the bf);
c) going back to sleep;
d) do the washing;
e) get the bf to do the vacuuming (his contribution to the household chores);
f) go to the movies; and
g) catch up on my reading (meaning the fashion forums, fashion blogs, and all the countless shopping sites that I stalk).

And that's a typical lazy weekend day. I love it.

Yesterday was no exception - we went to Springvale and battled a thousand people for a parking spot just to get some beef noodle soup (famously known as Pho), got the bf some new "slim leg" jeans (he refuses to wear skinny, so this is a "one-up"), went home for a nanna nap, then we went out to dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant on Lygon Street and attempted to find parking on Fitzroy street for about 20 minutes before my tummy went berserk and we had to go home. (I won't go into the details as to what happened later.) So yesterday wasn't as lazy as other days, but it was lazy enough!

For lunch, I wore:

Pulp Kitchen Kitty Tee
White Suede Leather Jacket
MinkPink denim mini
Vintage belt
Voodoo stockings
Prada pumps
Vatican Library Collection necklace

Accessory in the picture: my little old dog, Dingles

Lipstick: Nars Schiap

I'm not usually a wearer of t-shirts, but I saw this tee at Pulp Kitchen and thought it was hilarious.

For evening I wore:

Bardot stripe top
Arthur Galan Tweed Jacket
Review skirt
Voodoo fishnets
Chanel tote
Prada pumps

I love this AG jacket - I had been eyeing it for months and waited until it was finally on sale to nab it. The lighting in the photos are a bit off but the jacket is actually blue in colour.

Latest shoe purchase

I don't think I've ever done a post about my latest purchases - usually I just wait until I wear it and then I can talk about each individual piece.

But these are really special. Extremely special. And so I have dedicated a post just for them.

Introducing... my Miu Miu Leopard Print Loafers!!!

Made from calfskin and calfhair, they are a joy to touch and fit like a glove!

In Manu's words, "boooooooooooooootiful!"

(Sadly, I do love My Kitchen Rules!)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A little story about Ding Dong...

Apologies for not having updated in two weeks. Last week, my mother lost our 17 year old dog, Ding Dong. Before you laugh at her ridiculous name, Ding Dong is actually derived from the awesome childhood Japanese cartoon "Doraemon", about a wacko, robotic, blue cat that enjoys eating red bean cakes and can pull anything out of its front pocket!

Anyway, this is the email that I sent out to a few of my dog-loving friends the very next day...

So last night, I was about to walk into Gold Class to watch Red Riding Hood at 7:30pm when I checked my phone and my parents had been calling me like crazy.

I called back to ask what was up and mum goes “Ding Dong is missing”.

I asked her “What are you sure? Have you searched everywhere???”

And my dad had searched all over the house, went door knocking to all the neighbours, and was checking at the park. My mum had somehow accidentally let her out the front door and didn’t realise that she wasn’t home all this time!!!

So I sped right home from Crown and calling my cousin to get on the internet and look for numbers of any pounds close to us, the city council after hours numbers, whatever she could find.

Then she called me back and was on the line with a guy from the Animal Management Team of the local city council who said that earlier in the day he picked up a “frail-looking, blind, little Maltese” from a vet in a nearby suburb. Apparently a lady had found her wandering and then left her at the vet. Immediately I called the guy to speak to him about it and asked him a bunch of questions. He couldn’t tell whether she was desexed or not because she was so old and her tattoo on her ear had faded!

Anyway, I spoke to him and asked him if I could go to the pound to get her, but he said the pound was closed. Then I started getting pretty crazy and going “there must be a number I can call… a manager of the pound, a mobile number, an emergency number, something!!!” and then he goes “I’m sorry but u need to calm down, the pound is closed.”

Then I went a little nuts and started talking really fast “but she’s heavily medicated, she’s really really old, she’s 17, she’s blind, she’s deaf, she might not make it through the night!!!”

And then he goes “well, I do have access to the pound…”

Then I said to him “please let me visit and give her medicine” and he paused for a moment and said  “look I’ll call you back in 15 mins”

So by this stage I had gotten home and picked up Ding Dong’s medicine and was heading to the pound in CRANBOURNE!!! (WHERE THE HECK IS CRANBOURNE and WHY SO FAR)

And he calls me back and goes “hi, how you goin’?” and I’m like “ummm NERVOUS?”

He goes “so are you still at your current address?” And I go “Yep”

Then he said “ok good, I’ll pick her up from the pound and bring her home to you”


I waited for about an hour and the next thing I could hear was Ding barking from the van!!!! I knew it was her straight away…. I ran out the door and ran to the van yelling “It’s her!!! It’s her!!!! It’s her bark I know it’s her!!!!!” And it was my little Ding… all excited to be home after having her little adventure!!!

I filled in the paperwork and thanked the guy and gave him some chocolates. Then I went online and wrote this email to the City council:

From: me
Sent: Monday, 28 March 2011 10:07 PM
Subject: Attention Nick and the Animal Management Team

To the Kingston City Council Services,

We would like to sincerely thank Nick and the Animal Management Team for going above and beyond what they needed to do and reunited us with our beloved 17 year old dog, Ding Dong.

Despite being almost completely blind, deaf and with a deteriorating heart due to old age, I could still hear her bark while she was in the van and it was clear to everyone that there is still plenty of fight left in her. She was extremely glad to be back home and despite her ailing limbs, she managed to get up the stairs to the second storey and is now resting at the foot of the bed while I write this email.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to Nick and the Animal Management Team - we will always be grateful for the extra time you've allowed us to have with her.

Yours sincerely,

Ding Dong's family
I am soooooooooo glad that Ding Dong has been returned and that there are such wonderful people out there who are willing to go above and beyond what they needed to do!!!!!!!!!!

So that was our little Monday evening ordeal.

I felt that I needed to share this story on my blog because despite all the terrible things that are happening out there in the world, this experience has shown me that there is still plenty of kindness to go around.

I hope that this little story about my little dog has also made you a little bit more optimistic as well. :)