Saturday, 25 June 2011

Outfit of the Day 25/06/11

Last night was a great start to the weekend as I enjoyed dinner with my awesome friends at Glen Waverley BBQ restaurant and we caught a session of "Bridesmaids" which was quite hilarious!

We ordered 3 delicious crabs at $13.80 a pound (a total of 11.5 pounds), tossed with ginger and spring onion and lots and lots of egg noodles!!! The crabs took a while to come out and we started banging the tables and making quite a bit of noise, but in the end it was all worth it. It was deliciousssssssssss! Our noisy table was noisy no more and it was replaced with the sounds crab shells breaking and noodle slurping. mmmmmmm...

Today is a different story. Back to the State Library to finish my silly assignment, back to chugging down multiple tablets of Codral Original just to keep my concentration up so I can properly study. So far, no plans for the evening yet but I'm already thinking about what I should eat for dinner. Hehehe.

My Miu Miu brogues have been coming out to play and they are sooooooooo comfy, I feel like I'm walking on air! I was a little bit worried as I had to run for the train yesterday, but I felt as light as a bird as I raced past other commuters to catch the City Loop.

Pulp Kitchen wool coat, vintage belt, Lacoste cashmere scarf, Alannah Hill "No, No, No! No! No!" cardi, Dion Lee for Cue skirt, Alannah Hill "Miss Dish" stockings, Miu Miu studded  patent brogues

Ajisen Ramen

Last week, the bestie and I popped into Ajisen Ramen on Bourke Street for a quick dinner and lots of ramen! It was my first visit and I found the food quite enjoyable - it was a quick, cheap, Japanese meal. Of course, as usual we always order heaps but we enjoyed every part of our meal! (So much, that the bf and I returned the next night to eat the exact same thing + 1 extra entree!)

Wafu Salad $5

A very simple salad that could be easily made at home, but it was the salad dressing that made this salad appetizing and enjoyable! It was also great as a side, given the rest of the dishes were not so "salad-y".

Takoyaki balls $6.50

The Takoyaki balls buried underneath this pile of fried onion skin are definitely one of the BETTER takoyaki balls out there on the market! There are actual pieces of octopus in there (value for money!), and the combination of the sweet sauce and the mayo means... YUMMY YUM YUM!

A better look at the Takoyaki balls
Spicy pork ramen

This is the bestie's favourite and so I recommended it to the bf. Unfortunately it was just WAAAAY too spicy for me to handle, I couldn't even get past a sip of the soup! Bestie loves it, bf liked it too, but agreed that it was super spicy!

Gyoza Ramen $11

I really liked the gyoza ramen! The flavours were quite simple, but it somehow just went together. The soup does leave you a little bit thirsty so make sure to drink lots and lots of green tea and lots of water! (We also topped off our meal with green tea ice cream, but ate it sooooo quickly that I forgot to take some pictures!)

Gyu Tataki

This was the extra entree that the bf and I ordered. This is probably the least favourite of all the dishes as I thought the beef was a bit too fatty and I didn't really fancy the ponzu sauce they used.

All in all, a great, quick meal for excellent prices. Definitely a place that I will be dropping in again and again. I noticed they opened a new restaurant in Glen Waverley recently!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Can't stop Miu-ing!

Who knew that finding the perfect pair of brogues would be a drawn out process, consisting of months and months of searching? I'd been eyeing these babies at the Miu Miu store in Chadstone for months now, but couldn't find it in me to pay full price for them.

And then the Miu Miu sale happened. While still quite expensive with 30% off, I justified that I wouldn't be able to get these in Europe (as it would be old oooooold stock now) and that I would wear these so often, that the cost per wear would be almost nothing by the time I'm done with them!

They're sooo comfy that I didn't even need to wear them in!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Miso Korean Cafe

A couple of months back, my mate Z and I popped into this quaint little Korean restaurant called "Miso" on Centre Road, in Bentleigh. We were actually contemplating whether we could be bothered driving 15 minutes down to Springvale to get some pho, since we both needed to study and I wanted to catch Masterchef. We walked past Miso and I asked him if he'd ever tried it. In fact, he hadn't but he's always been curious. And so in we went.

A cute little starter salad as an "appetizer". Gotta love that Korean honey mustardy mayo like dressing! And it definitely opened up MY appetite!

These gyozas tasted like something else. In fact, we figured that they tasted like a combination of regular gyozas + samosas! It was actually a bit of a pleasant surprise, as I am a gyoza fan!

The thing I love about Korean cuisine is these special little side dishes. I'm always excited to know what I'm going to get as it really depends on what they have on a particular day! On this particular evening, we got some kimchi, some marinated sweet potato, some funny egg-like thing, and some marinated soy meat. The kind of stuff they use to make "mock meat" at Asian vegetarian restaurants. It's all very yummy and refreshing, given that there's always a lot of meat involved in Korean dishes.

Look at my steaming pork bulgogi! It was delicous and spicy! A tad too spicy for me, but I ordered some awesome Korean aloe vera juice and it definitely helped soothe the spiciness for me!
Z ordered the Bi Bim Bap which was also tres delicious! He likes to press the rice into the pot so it gets all crunchy and hard. I'm personally not a fan of crunchy rice, but apparently, that's how you're meant to eat it! (I totally have been eating it the wrong way!)
The meal came to less than $40 and was definitely very good value and very home-made! The older Korean couple that run the restaurant have also plugged in their CD player which plays all those awesome 80s and 90s Karaoke love songs! Eating Korean while listening to the Backstreet Boys singing "I want it that way" ??? HELL YES! A little bit of "Careless Whisper"? YES PLEASE! hahahaa

Outfit of the Day 18/06/11

Today is another day of study at the State Library, after a hectic week at work. I am really gunning to get this assignment finished so I can at least relax for a week before revising for the exam! The guy sitting across from me has the sniffles and just keeps snorting every couple of minutes. And so I pulled out some tissues from my bag, stood up and handed some to him. He got the hint. :)

I am having a craving for red velvet cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery inside Melbourne Central. I think I may have one (or two) for my afternoon tea!

ASOS navy wool cape
Alannah Hill "Your little heart" cardi,
Stella leather skirt
Alannah Hill over the knee high socks
Nine West suede shoes

Alannah Hill wish list...

I've been stalking the Alannah Hill website and various stores lately and I currently have a lemming for these items but cannot buy due to an impending holiday... (and so I will make a wish list instead...)

Can she bake? cardigan
cutey cute cute! I love a cute contrast between pink and black and love the fact that the bows are also on the sleeves!

My flower romance cardigan
The cami version of this cardigan is currently on sale, but I think I will get a lot more wear out of the cardigan. I can't decide whether I like the cream or pale blue more.

Secret little lie cardigan
This cardi is really flattering on. But my fear is that those lovely hearts will end up getting all creased and yucky and I wouldn't know how to make them sit nice and flat again. haha!

Pocket the cash coat
Pretty pretty pretty pretttttyyyyy

She blinked! coat

Giddy as a School Girl skirt
I didn't think much of this skirt when I first saw it on the rack, but then I saw one of the girls at AH wearing it and I was in love! The colour just "pops!" and the flowers are lovely! It also comes in black, so I can always go for the "safer" option if I have to. Only if I have to.

Magic Nights Skirt (this one's on sale, so I'm thinking about it...)

The print is pretty loud, but I love that it's quite incredibly eye catching! Also, I don't have a navy skirt yet...

Hide my heart scarf

Love hearts and pom poms? YES PLEASE!

Images all courtesy of

Maybe if they're still around... and on the off-chance that I can't find anything to buy in Europe (yeah right!), I will come back to these items. Hopefully, they will be on sale by then! (yeah right! x 2)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Outfit of the Day 13/06/11

The long weekend is over now and there won't be another public holiday for another 5 months! Luckily, I will be going on holiday for exactly a month, so that will break the year up a bit! hehe!

I went bridesmaids dress shopping on the weekend with my bestie and she has now purchased my "Maid of Honour" dress. I am extremely excited that she has actually chosen a dress from Alannah Hill! She's such a considerate bride who only wants us to look our best for her wedding day! She's hoping to have a "vintage-y" feel to her wedding and I think it will be truly beautiful. It's not until August next year, but it's always good to get these things out of the way! :)

Yesterday was a boring end to the weekend - the bf and I went to the library and did some study. I really need to finish this stupid assignment, so I can get the exam out of the way before my holiday. But it's taking sooooo soooo sooooo long. *sigh*

Alannah Hill "Pocket full of pearls" cardigan, Dion Lee for Cue wool skirt, leggings with stirrups from Hong Kong, Miu Miu glitter peeptoe flats

Here's a picture of me wearing my glittery flats! They are sooooo shiny that they even sparkle at night! (I get a tad self conscious!)

He Miu me, I Miu him...

It happened extremely quickly. I was just coming down from the escalators, having had a bit of a shop at the Alannah Hill concession upstairs in David Jones, Bourke Street. And the store beckoned for me. "Come in and have a look at all the pretty pretty things..."

And so I walked in and was greeted by a friendly sales girl "hello and welcome to the first day of the Miu Miu sale!" I would have to say "Miu Miu" and "sale" go hand in hand with my other favourite phrase "Alannah Hill" and "sale". And so I picked up the sparkliest pair of shoes I have ever seen. Slipped my size 36 and a half (also 37) feet in and they were mine...

Covered in glitter, with gorgeous swarovski crystals lined at the heel, I picked up the phone and called my beloved and said "Thank you for the 2 year anniversary present, baby..."

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Another quick outfit post!

Hi all, just getting an outfit shot in while I'm using the internet computers at work! Unfortunately, for me, my computer at work has the strictest firewall thingy ever and the internet computers are always full of people checking facebook (plus it's in such a central location that I'd be too embarassed to be blogging publicly like that!). Since I'm staying back to book some accomodation for my Eurotrip, I thought I'd sneak an outfit post in too! Not long before I can start doing more regular posts again... hurry up internet at home!

Alannah Hill "The days ahead" cardigan and skirt, Gorman duffle coat, voodoo fishnets, Burberry patent pumps

My doggy in the background

Monday, 6 June 2011

A quick Outfit post!

Hellooooo everyone, it's been sooooo long! I am still without internet at home - our "appointment" to get the internet provider into our house to install the wireless is on 16 June 2011. Fingers crossed it will all work out!!!

Just a quick outfit post for all - spent the weekend wedding dress shopping with the bestie and the other bridesmaids (yayyyy!), watched X Men - First Class and I was surprisingly charmed by James McAvoy (I've always found him a tad creepy since he played Mr Tumnus in Narnia argghh).

Alannah Hill "My little car" jacket, AH Suspicious Bitch cardigan, Sass skirt, Columbine stockings, Prada pumps

And my lovely little Ding.
Also, I am going on my Eurotrip in a month and a half! Still not that excited yet though, maybe give it another month or so and I'll start to get excited! Though I'm going to start making lists... packing lists, shopping lists, activity lists, food lists... I love lists!

Time for the gym now!