Monday, 22 August 2011

Food I ate in Italy...

Food in Florence & Rome was a bit of hit and miss. You really need to know which places to go to in order to get a very satisfying meal. Luckily, I relied on the good word of the travellers on and also a couple of recommendations from our Hotel in Florence. We stayed at Hotel Globus in Florence and the location and service was FANTASTIC! Our room was a bit dark, but when you looked outside the window, you saw the top of the San Lorenzo church, which was quite beautiful. Just down the street is the San Lorenzo market, famous for its leather. The buffet breakfast had such a personal touch to it that it was something we always woke up for and never skipped. I highly recommend it and Lucas had some great restaurant recommendations!

In Rome, we stayed at the Hotel Mecenate Palace, about 4 or 5 blocks from Roma Termini station in the direction of the Colosseum. For a four star hotel, we got an extremely good deal on for just over $150 per night for a double room! While not as conveniently located as some other  hotels might be, the hotel is quite beautiful and the rooms are palace themed. It is also next to a really yummy gelato shop and the rooftop has some amazing views. While the stay was very pleasant, it lacked the personal touches of Hotel Globus and the friendliness and warmth of the staff. I would stay here again just because it's such a fantastic deal for a four star hotel - as if we'd get a double room for $150 in Melbourne! And the buffet breakfast here is was pretty awesome too - my only complaint was there wasn't a good selection of teas to choose from! hehe

The pizza is definitely no Domino's - they like to use simple and fresh ingredients and each pizza won't usually consist of more than 4 ingredients. The seafood is usually frozen, but you can get really fresh mussels. Mozzarella in anything is my favourite, especially buffalo mozarella. Yum! The cherry and Roma tomatoes are also super fresh and super sweet, you can't miss those in a salad!

Outfit of the Day 210811

So after my birthday weekend, I'm not feeling so flashy flash. So I'm spending today in bed, trying to battle off whatever it is that is trying to invade my body. No I will not let you win. I will drink copious amounts of water to ensure that you get flushy flushed out. And then I will sleep some more until you are no more.

On another topic, I am beginning to compile some of my Europe food pictures.  These will start showing up on random posts very soon. Oh I miss being on holiday. So. Badly.

Alannah Hill "Woke up in Vegas" cardigan, Zara skirt,
Marks & Spencer fishnets, Miu Miu leopard print loafers, little bow bag from Japan, Gucci ring, Chanel ring
no make up (hence the whiter than usual white face!)

The little bow bag is from my bestie when she went to Japan. She just knows me too well - black, patent, bow and studs. sigh.
 This Chanel ring was my birthday present from the bf - from the Chanel boutique in Avenue Montaigne, Paris. Its extremely shiny in person - could definitely fool me into thinking they were diamonds! (just cos I don't know a single thing about diamonds!) Of course, they'd be some massively huge diamonds, wouldn't they? haha. I don't give my bf enough credit really, he has pretty much bought all my rings in the last 2 and a half years and I love every single one of them!

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Helloooooooooooo everyone, we've had such lovely weather in Melbourne this weekend! The sun came out, the sky is blue and everyone is a little happier for it! And its also great, because it happens to be my birthday weekend too! Yes, that's right - it's my birthday and I don't want to talk about my age but I'm happy to celebrate with lots of eating and karaoke - ing. hehehe

Yesterday, I spent the day in Fitzroy and Richmond. Had a massage with the bf and lunch in Richmond. Then we went home so I could get ready for dinner with some friends and then off to karaoke for my good friend, Mark's going away. Another good friend moving to London. Sigh.

Review jacket, Alannah Hill "Give her time" cardigan, Stella leather skirt, Alannah hill knee - highs, Miu Miu leopard print loafers, Moschino Cheap & Chic bag
Lipstick: Nars "Schiap"

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

140811 Pink bows & Pink spots

Alannah Hill "Can she bake?" cardigan, AH "Somebody spot me!" skirt, Columbine bow opaques, Prada shoes, Miu Miu Bag

 These Prada flats were purchased at the Prada outlet in The Mall, about 40 minutes by bus out of Florence. I was really attracted to the simplicity and girliness of the design, and then add some tiny studs to give it a bit of street cred, haha. They were the last pair and in my size so SCORE!

Back in my uni days when I went to The Mall with my friend S (after our Trial Practice & Advocacy exam), The Mall was amaaaaazing and full of bargain buys. Stella McCartney & Balenciaga heels for 100 euros, Giorgio Armani bags for 140 euros.  These days, you really need to get in early and you really gotta be gunning for the non-Gucci brands as there are always lines and lines of people standing outside. Luckily, I and only I had my eye on the Ferragamo outlet. I was however, let down by it when everything was either 5.5 and below or 9 and above. I did manage to score my besty some heels for her birthday though. So it wasn't a wasted trip!

Introducing Europe purchase No. 1 - my very first Miu Miu bag purchased in Roma, Italy. (oh how I miss miss miiiiiiiisssss Rome!). It's me in every way. The patent leather, the shiny hardware, the strap and the shiny buckle! Me LOVE LOVE LOVES!

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Hello hello... I think I have somewhat recovered from my trip now (though still extremely tired by 10pm every night!) It's time to start with the outfits again and instead of just taking pictures of everything I bought overseas, it's probably better to introduce my new purchases in my outfits!

All that shopping in Europe hasn't prevented me from shopping some more in Melbourne! Unfortunately, there weren't too many stores in London, Florence, Rome and Paris that were doing very girly looks, so I came back to Alannah Hill SS 2012 and totally loving every second piece (and buying a few pieces too!)

Zara Blazer, vintage ruffle polkadot top, Stella leather skirt, Alannah Hill knee highs, Miu Miu studded patent brogues, Miu Miu bag
Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte No. 10
The Zara blazer was a purchase from Regent Street in London. The moment I saw it sparkle, I knew it was mine! On previous trips to Europe, I would always come back with loads and loads of clothes from Zara but I was a bit more disciplined this time around. I only bought 3 blazers and 3 skirts. That's pretty good! The vintage ruffle top was a purchase from one of the many vintage and recycle stores in Covent Garden. I was killing some time while the bf was checking out Forbidden Planet, one of the biggest comic superstores EVER (even bigger than Minotaur on Elizabeth Street!) and came upon the stores in the little streets of Covent Garden and loved them! I got lost trying to find Forbidden Planet again but it was worth it! The ruffle top goes with ALL my Alannah Hill outfits! hehehe

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'm back!

Hello all,

I'm back in town after three weeks of loveliness in London, Florence, Rome and Paris!!! Lots of shopping (ouch), LOTS of eating! Lots of walking and not too much sight-seeing, hehehe.

I will be updating this weekend with pics of new purchases, outfits and FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.