Sunday, 25 September 2011

Spring spring spring! 24/09/11

The weather here in Melbourne has been soooo lovely during the day! I say during the day because at night, you still need to have a coat handy as it is frrrreeeezing! Perfect weather for me, actually - it means I can wear both my Spring outfits and Winter outfits in the one day! Oh and I can sleep extremely well because I'm personally not a fan of hot nights.

Review Molly Jacket, Alannah Hill "Maybe Someday" frock, Miu Miu bag, Miu Miu glitter peeptoes
 I bought the AH frock at one of the 20% off sales and was surprised that the high neckline actually suited me! I think its a good purchase as it will likely be getting A LOT of wears this Spring and Summer (especially on casual Fridays at work!). I have many Review jackets already but love this Molly one because its cropped for us shorties and is very "lady who lunches". hehe.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Recent Eats - Chin Chin & Il Solito Posto

Il Solito Posto
113 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9654 4466

Back to basics, simple Italian menu, but with the advantage of the fresh and yummy Aussie seafood. Il Solito Posto feels familiar and its defeinitely a cosy place for a date or to catch up with a girlfriend. Always busy though, so a booking is the best way to get in. Otherwise, the bf and I popped in at around 9 last night and there was a table or two for us. I'm a real creature of habit and every Italian place I go, I must try the seafood lingune. I judge restaurants by their seafood linguine and I was not disappointed with the simple flavours of Il Solito Posto.

Chin Chin
 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne - (03) 8663 2000

I've heard lots of mixed reviews about Chin Chin but was always curious to find out what it was like for myself. I'm really not a fan of "no-bookings" restaurants but this can't be helped when a lot great restaurants these days no longer take bookings. meh. I was pleasantly surprised with all the different flavours I experienced in each dish. Feels like every dish has an element of sweet, salty, sour and chilli. I would definitely come back to Chin Chin again to experience more of its curious dishes, but it is a bit on the pricey side for Thai food, I must admit. My favourite dish would have to be the spanner crab and chicken salad - it is the perfect companion for all the other dishes and extremely appetizing!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Outfit 100911

Hello hello, our internet has been down all week, so I'm taking advantage of this small window of connectivity to post some pictures of my outfit yesterday! This week has pretty much consisted of work, vibro and a liiiiiiittttle bit of shopping (Melb Central VIP night on Wednesday!). I also tripped on my ankle on some tiny cobblestones and that also led to a temporary bung knee over Thursday and Friday. Argh. All in all, I am well now and have spent the entire weekend eating, sleeping and re-watching (for the 100th time )old episodes of Sex and the City. ohhhhh yeah.

Review "Anna" top, vintage blouse, Zara leather skirt, Columbine stockings
Miu Miu patent studded brogues
Miu Miu patent bag

This vintage blouse is another purchase from an op shop in Covent Garden in London. I love the floral print and especially love the detailing on the collar! It was only 18 pounds and boy have I got my money's worh in compliments for it! (I also think its because for once, I'm not wearing Alannah Hill!)

The Review top was purchased (amongst other things!) at the Melbourne Central VIP night when the promotion was "Spend $250, get $100 off". I thought that was a pretty sweet deal. Plus, my cousin is a VIP there so we always get excellent service whenever we pop in. Alannah Hill was also having 20% off so I made the most of that (pics of me wearing those purchases to come!) ! The Zara skirt was purchased in London in a surbuban shopping centre in Bromley South and was heavily discounted (yay for sales!).

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spring outfit 040911

And the birthday celebrations continue even though my birthday was two weeks ago! Still lots and lots of food and lots of pampering, "detoxing", manicures and pedicures. Loooooooovelllyyyyy.

Today, the bf and I popped into our favourite breakfast cafe for some brunch with my little old dog, Ding Dong. The weather started off being quite lovely, so all my Spring gear is slowly coming out to play!

Alannah Hill "Bow me over" cardigan, vintage floral dress, Alannah Hill belt, Miu Miu glitter peeptoes
Nail Polish (toes): OPI "Thanks so muchness"
fingers: Orly