Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pretty in Pink! 12/11/11

Another lovely Melbourne weekend which completely puts me off studying! Its at times like these when I really regret picking up those books again. But such is life - even after you work full time, you have to continue to study to keep up with the knowledge. I guess I better get used to it, because chances are - I will be studying course after course for the rest of my working life... (that is, unless I decide to join Broadway...)

My awesome friend Z, who I met while volunteering at the local community legal service centre and who I now work with, left our organisation yesterday. He would almost be the guy version of me. Or I tell people that he is like the younger brother I never had. I think I was the saddest out of everyone because he is my best friend at work and has quickly become one of my closest friends in my circle. He will travel for a couple of months and then then he will move to Canberra to start a grad position. Oh, I will miss him so. I think he will miss me too. hehe.

Wheels & Dollbaby "LA Pin up floral" cardi, Cassette Society singlet, Alannah Hill "She's so cute" skirt
Louis Vuitton epi leather bucket bag
Salvatore Ferragamo shoes

I really love this skirt - its so pretty and so pink! But I also realised that I don't have much in my wardobe that matches it! I don't wear a lot of white and certainly don't have too many pink tops (surprisingly, considering how girly I am!). While rummaging through my wardrobe and multiple roller racks - I realised this W&D cardi is perfect for it! It even has a matching floral print! I think in the Winter, I will button up the cardigan fully and tuck it into the skirt, along with some cute knee - highs! (I don't like the Summer, hence I am already looking forward to the next Winter!)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Singapore Fling! 6/11/11

I love this Wheels & Dollbaby dress - not only is it comfortable to wear, but the name is adorable! I don't have any Singapore flings to speak of, but the name simply reminds me of warm, sunny days and walking by the Arno river with a big floppy hat and a gelato in hand. Ah... My next holiday is not until March 2012 when we will be going to Bangkok for my bestie's hens' week! Yay to that!

Wheels & Dollbaby "Singapore Fling" dress, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Versace glasses
Nars "Schiap"
This photo was taken at the Victoria Barracks. I had just picked up the bf from work yesterday and was driving down St Kilda road when I told him to stop somewhere for a picture. And this garden looked very pretty. I usually avoid any gardens like the plague when its Spring time. For those who are hay fever sufferers, you know what I mean. Telfast every day for at least a month and a half. Ick.