Sunday, 4 December 2011

Candy Yum Yum & Polkadots 3/12/11

Hello everyone, its been a couple of weeks since my last post - I've been busy with the Corporate Games and studying (and shopping :S). Good news is that the games are over - phew, can't believe I made it.  While I tried to minimize my "game time", I still managed to take an elbow to the stomach, got a couple of scratches and had a skinny American girl lift me off the ground while I held onto the ball with dear life. I also fell into a bit of a coma for the rest of that weekend because it really took it out of me. Must. Improve. Fitness.

I've also watched Breaking Dawn: Part 1 a couple of times *embarassed face*, I really just found it soooo entertaining! It was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing - I think its my favourite of the Twilight movies! I also saw Drive at the boyfriend's insistence and I have to say it was an excellent choice. The tension, the soundtrack, Ryan Gosling still lookin' hot hot hot and the ambiguous non-hollywood ending... ah. It was excellent. 

And today I have to study again.

Alannah Hill "Death Doll" blouse and "Dress me up!" skirt, Alannah Hill knee highs, Miu Miu bag, Miu Miu shoes
Rings: Swarovski, Chanel & Gucci
MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick